Dairy is a Poor Choice for Calcium – Boo for Moo

Our whole life we’ve all been told how healthy dairy is for us because it builds strong bones. I’m sure you thought that dairy was the best way to get your calcium, right? Well, here’s the real scoop on dairy. Dairy is a Poor Choice for Calcium Animals have strong bones and they don’t consume [...]

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Night at the Grill – Grilled Beef Tenderloin Meal Goes Healthy

Looking for a healthy, easy and delicious dinner on the grill? Here’s one of my favorites. It combines great taste with a unique planned meal approach. Unique Planned Meal Approach I stress balanced meals, using the guidelines I outline in my program. This recipe uses my best practices of combining the right amount of carbohydrates, [...]

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You Can’t Trade Your Body In – Tips for Fixing It Up For Summer!

Since you can’t trade your body in and get a new, “perfect” one in time for summer, you have to work with what you’ve got. To make your car run better, you follow the recommendations of your mechanic and the owner’s manual. That’s the same idea with your body, to look and feel better you [...]

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4 Tips For Healthier Eating

Before we even get to the tips, did you know that the path you follow in the grocery store could help you eat right and avoid weight gain? When shopping, the healthiest foods are always around the perimeter of the store (fresh vegetables and fruits, nuts and seeds, fish, poultry, eggs and meat). These are [...]

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Salmon Fillet with Shredded Vegetables en Papillote Recipe

A very healthy and easy way to prepare a salmon meal! This meal combines foods that yield the best combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats to sustain favorable blood sugar levels to give you more energy, mental clarity, and body fat loss. Prep time: 13 mins            Cook time: 17 mins.                Total: 30 mins.           Serves: 2 [...]

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