One of the most important pieces to a successful career is often overlooked, the value of how you feel – your energy and vitality. Keep your EdgeOlder workers especially need to be more realistic about how their personal health affects their work and/or their ability to find new job opportunities.

Many older workers are faced with job insecurities and career changes. Yes, there are job search support groups, retraining programs, new educational focus on older learners, even governmental initiatives designed to help mature workers find jobs, but it is not an easy task for mid- and late-career workers to find or retain meaningful work.

And while that’s nothing new, it begs the real question: How do you keep your edge, or get your edge back?

Answering that starts by helping yourself, by better managing your health as you age.

How Older Workers can keep their edge, or get their edge back

Begin by being more realistic about how personal health plays into your career. In addition to all of the usual advice for older job seekers, people need to be more realistic about how long they will need to work or want to work. Address the specific demands of your job and assess your physical abilities to meet the challenges as you age – will you be able to do this demanding job at 65?

If you feel you can’t keep your current pace up, it’s time to ask yourself what will you do and what should you do now to prepare.

Don’t overlook the value of the energy and vitality, your health.

A recent article about Joseph Coleman, who is a journalist and professor studying the global aging workforce, talks about how “older employees and job-seekers increasingly feel that their age is being held against them.”

One of the ways for older workers to take greater advantage of their talents is to take better care of their bodies for their longer lives.

I have numerous older, successful clients who have come to this understanding and who have chosen to change their lifestyle and follow a healthier, eating for vitality plan. Imagine a program that helps you feel better, have more energy, greater mental clarity and overall vitality – that program is available to you today through the Eating for Vitality Diet program.

Take control of your career, your health, and find your overall well-being greatly increased. Hear from others who have made these healthful changes and have succeeded.

By being realistic, adapting, and taking better control of your health, you will be better able to keep your edge as you age. I encourage you to look into the Eating for Vitality Diet program today. It can help you keep your edge.