Lose weight fast using a great tool called the Favorable Food List that I created to make it really easy. Lose Weight Fast using the Favorable Food List Eating for Vitality DietThe Favorable Food List helps you choose foods low on the Glycemic Index – and as I described in my earlier blog post on eating the right balance of foods – the balance and pairings of the right foods will help you lose body fat and weight so that you can start feeling better.

My Favorable Food List is like a cheat sheet that shows you how to pair your foods so you can lower the Glycemic Index of the carbohydrate, which gives you a steady release of energy, you feel full longer, eat fewer calories and lose body fat.

Why the Favorable Food List

Carbohydrates create a glycemic response when you eat. As a result, your blood sugar level increases and your body increases insulin levels in order to pull the sugar out of the blood so it can use it. First the sugar is used for immediate energy in your muscles with some stored in your liver – the excess is stored in fat cells. That’s why insulin is called a fat storage hormone. If you are raising insulin beyond what you can use short-term, you are storing fat which contributes to weight gain.

To buffer this process and cut down on the fat storage, eat foods from the Favorable Food List and pair them with the foods listed with the plus sign.  

Notice how different types of carbohydrate foods on the list have a +P or +F.  This means the food should be paired with a protein (+P) or fat (+F).

Let me note that you should always eat fruits in moderation because of their sugar content. I have added a +Protein or +Fat to them to ensure that you do not over-indulge. Since rice and grains are more than 50 on the Glycemic Index, never eat grains by themselves. Always add a protein.

Click here to download the Favorable Food List.

The Skinny

Eating balanced meals will get you feeling better quickly and help you lose body fat and weight. Plus, you won’t get those energy crashes or cravings for sweets that zap your energy and can torpedo your fat loss successes.

Here’s a healthy balanced meal you could try tonight.

In the next, 3rd part of this 4-part blog series, I’ll give you the easy, step-by-step low down on planning and making balanced healthy meals. You can also click here for a sample of the Eating for Vitality Diet online lesson series which makes changing to a healthy lifestyle easier and more successful.