Personal One-On-One Coaching

Do you want to lose fat, look young, feel great and perform at your best?

I can help!

Through my journey from sickness to health, it’s been my mission to help others achieve their health and weight goals. I’ve lived and thrived for 30+ years on a healthy lifestyle and will teach you all my secrets. Let me make it easy for you to succeed!

You’ll receive a Personalized Meal Plan, Complete Step-by-Step Workbook Guide and the Companion Audio Coaching Program

Plus, you’ll learn how to:

  • Design your own “vitality” meals for optimum health!
  • Lose body fat and maintain your ideal body weight
  • Boost energy & mental clarity throughout the day
  • Eliminate food cravings
  • Evaluate food nutrition labels
  • Eat healthy when dining out
  • Choose healthy snacks & convenience foods
  • Prevent disease through the right food choices
  • Choose the right nutritional supplements
  • Shop for the foods that work best for you
  • Prepare these new foods


  • ($1500 Value!)

Ready to get private coaching with Lisa?

Contact Lisa Today!
Contact Lisa Today!
Lisa is a gift to people who want to eat healthy but need a plan to do it. She makes food shopping fun and meal preparation a breeze. I recommend my patients work with Lisa to support them on their journey to recapturing their health and vitality.
Dr. Nelsa Ciapponi, Optimal Health Medicine Center

Lisa Stimmer is a strong advocate for our customers who want to learn how to make healthy lifestyle changes and tasty healthy meals. She presents her seminars with contagious energy, and she delights in teaching our customers how to be smarter and happier shoppers. I wish she would speak here everyday… people love her!

Tom Bahl, Manager at Earth Fare Healthy Supermarkets