Cooking Classes

Healthy-in-a-Hurry™ cooking classes are perfect for you if you don’t have time to cook. Unlike food channel television shows where overweight chefs in lavish commercial kitchens create complex meals. Natural Gourmet Chef Lisa will teach you how to whip up tasty gluten and dairy-free meals in your own kitchen in a fraction of the time.

Healthy-in-a-Hurry™ cooking classes start with a natural foods market shopping tour designed to educate you about the healthy food options as well as the many gluten and allergy free foods. Lisa will show you how to quickly understand food labels and get the most for your money.

After the natural foods market shopping tour, Lisa will go to your home where she’ll cook with you and show you and your family how easy and fast healthy eating at home can be. Plus, Lisa can reveal to you how to take your favorite meals (which often aren’t the best for you) and transform them into healthy delights.

You can enjoy Healthy-in-a-Hurry™ cooking classes with your friends and organize a Cooking Class Party in your home. You and your friends will have the opportunity to create a customized menu of your favorite dishes with Natural Gourmet Chef Lisa.

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Contact Lisa Today!
Lisa is highly professional yet a compassionate expert in the field of nutrition, cooking and lifestyle improvement. Lisa is also sensitive, kind and extremely creative in her field of work. This combination of skills is a complete success for improving her client’s knowledge of food, nutrition, reading labels, making wise choices in supplements, exercise and learning the value of a healthy lifestyle for the future. Lisa has helped me rethink my relationship with food and choices I make. I have been able to help many people with the knowledge I’ve gained from Lisa. I have complete trust and respect for Lisa Stimmer. I recommend her to everyone that I know who is interested in achieving optimal health and vitality in their lives.
Sylvia Cano
I have worked with Lisa and have experienced her wonderful cooking, but better than that, her knowledge of nutrition and food content is amazing!
Bill Borchert, Sales Executive | Consultative Sales