Fast Family Feasts™

FamilyFeasts2Do you get stressed out hearing again and again “what’s for dinner?”

Do you wish you could cook a variety of delicious healthy meals in minutes that satisfied your whole family?

Then Fast Family Feasts™ with Lisa is for you!

As a certified nutritionist and natural gourmet chef, Lisa takes all the guesswork out of meal planning, with fresh, home-cooked meals that are easy to prepare and healthy too.

With Fast Family Feasts, you and your family will quickly have more energy, mental clarity, an ideal body weight, and more overall zest for life.

And the big bonusesFast Family Feasts meals lower inflammation, build hormonal balance, and even reduce the risk for many serious illnesses – including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Lisa starts with a complete assessment so she understands your family’s lifestyle, as well as your health and vitality goals. Then she takes you on a natural foods market shopping tour designed to educate you about healthy food options and the many gluten and allergen-free foods available. You’ll learn to quickly read food labels and how to assemble meals that provide the right balance of high-quality foods. It’s fun and she shows you how to get the most for your money!

Lisa’s services also include a visit to your home to cook with you. With this personalized service, you’ll learn how easy and fast healthy eating at home can be!

Fast Family Feasts includes a variety of slow cooker, one-pot, and 30-minute meals.

Plus, Lisa can teach you how to take your favorite meals (which often aren’t the best for you) and transform them into healthy delights.

Let Lisa help you navigate your way around the kitchen and show you how to prepare simple and delicious Fast Family Feasts your whole family will love!

When you understand how to achieve optimal health you are empowered to take good care of your family and yourself!

Ready to Start Cooking Easy Healthy Meals for Your Family?

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Contact Lisa Today!
Lisa is highly professional yet a compassionate expert in the field of nutrition, cooking and lifestyle improvement. Lisa is also sensitive, kind and extremely creative in her field of work. This combination of skills is a complete success for improving her client’s knowledge of food, nutrition, reading labels, making wise choices in supplements, exercise and learning the value of a healthy lifestyle for the future. Lisa has helped me rethink my relationship with food and choices I make. I have been able to help many people with the knowledge I’ve gained from Lisa. I have complete trust and respect for Lisa Stimmer. I recommend her to everyone that I know who is interested in achieving optimal health and vitality in their lives.
Sylvia Cano
I have worked with Lisa and have experienced her wonderful cooking, but better than that, her knowledge of nutrition and food content is amazing!
Bill Borchert, Sales Executive | Consultative Sales