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You’ll learn how to:
1. Read and understand food labels
2. Shop healthy and get the most for your money
3. Make healthy food choices within a balanced and healthy lifestyle plan
4. Get more energy and lose body fat.
You’ll receive a shopping list with all of the best food choices!
Plus a “Health Assessment” to find out what foods are the best for YOU!
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Lisa Stimmer is a strong advocate for our customers who want to learn how to make healthy lifestyle changes and tasty healthy meals. She presents her seminars with contagious energy, and she delights in teaching our customers how to be smarter and happier shoppers. I wish she would speak here everyday… people love her!

Tom Bahl, Manager at Earth Fare Healthy Supermarkets
I have worked with Lisa and have experienced her wonderful cooking, but better than that, her knowledge of nutrition and food content is amazing!
Bill Borchert, Sales Executive | Consultative Sales